Are you facing problems due to tax payments, and looking for a registered tax agent? We know your business incomes are much taken by the taxes is a bitter pain to bear. A professional tax agent can provide a well-organized and strategic tax plan to solve this problem. As a practicing tax agent in Melbourne, it is obligatory to be registered as per Australian government rules. Jessica’s Public is a valid and trustable tax agent holding a valid Australian government registration for your business appropriate assistance. We provide our supplementary tax advice services in Melbourne with assurance of reliability

ATO Responsibilities

ATO (Australian taxation office) is generally responsible of reviewing and verifying the tax returns, making amendments regarding calculation errors, generated random errors, according to the complexity of your business affairs.

The taxation system in Australia is core based on self assessment principal. The important aspects of self assessment principle are judgment and preparation of tax return. It basically consist of the required details of information about your income, any other deductions and offset taxes, for the appropriate implication of tax laws as by government 

Why to Choose Jessica’s Public as your trusty Tax Agent?

As professional tax agents we are bound to follow the ethical and technical code of conduct as provided by Australian government. Our core responsibilities in the practical field of taxation advices and planning are spread in the following areas:

Record Keeping

Record keep is extremely crucial for a strategic tax planning; we provide comprehensive assistance to taxpayers in record keeping and maintaining safely and timely. Any loss of the kept record or failure in the record keeping affects badly the financial condition of your business. Your business may face an adverse loss of entitlement and other financial disturbance

GST assistance

At Jessica’s Public we provide GST assistance services including, GST registration of your business, and BAS (business activity statement), ATO audit assistance, and appropriate GST advice and better reconciliation

CGT is capital gains tax, it arises on the selling goodies business, and it depends upon the kind of asset you choose for your business. Jessica’s Public is a professional tax agent, providing you exclusive CGT concessions with its smart and well-organized strategic analysis.

Rental Property Income Tax

The right strategies about rental property income tax includes the structure of ownership, income tax rate margin, loan structure, expenditure on the construction of building, time of construction, etc. Jessica’s Public has gone through a strategic analysis to make you get the things right in your budget.

Jessica’s Public has got its trust and reliability by serving hundreds of clients with providing them the upright strategic analysis