For rapid progression of your business an appropriate tax advice service plays a very important role. The professionals and experts at Jessica’s Public are best to provide worthy tax advice services regarding your financial matters. Our excellent tax investment advisory includes

Representation of Tax Audit

We have got the right talented and skilled professionals to provide you the best consultancy regarding appropriate tax audit representation from both sides of the business parties. We update you with each and every minute detail, helping you to save your time, so that you can work efficiently with your business perspectives. Our proficient tax advisory offers you to minimize your tax cost and adding more benefit in your business side

Tax Compliance and reporting

Our assistance is quite enough to handle all the aspects of tax compliance reporting. You just need to provide us with your required business data, and leave the rest on our services

Liability and collectability

We make sure to check out the appeals, interest abatement consultations, and penalty to provide you liability and collectability

Check-Up and Sales

We go through a keen and deep analysis of your business activities and dealings, to get the right idea about the tax duties on the level of sales in your present locality. Then, we provide you with a detailed list of recommendations about improvement of compliance, and the appropriate way to address your issues to get the better income chances


We check-out the scenario of your business dealings and then we conclude the results about the sales and revenues taxes, and the taxes on the purchasing. We generate a technical memorandum about taxability for your proper assistance and guidance

Reverse audits

Refund opportunities are good to increase your business profit and reduce tax burdens; we have the proficient tax auditors to find out the right way opportunities, and evidences, for the preparation of refund claims. These refund claims are then submitted to tax offices

Potential Nexus Issues

Our nexus review team check out your business operational planning and the taken operations, to solve the potential nexus problems, in the right time before you get a call from taxing agency. In case a notice is already issued, we put our efforts to plan a better strategy which will help you curtail your exposure

Our tax investment advisors are well known about government laws, they provide an optimal strategic work-plan to help you get prosper in your business with our reliable tax advices services.